JOCLAD 2018 – What really happened…

The XXIV Data Classification and Analysis Days – JOCLAD 2018 took place, between April 5th and 7th, at Alfeite, Lisbon Naval Base, at Escola Naval (EN).

JOCLAD 2018 was a joint organization between EN and CLAD:

President of the Conferences

José Dias (President of CLAD) 

Secretary of the Conferences

M. Filomena Teodoro (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa and CEMAT-IST) 

Local Organizing Committee

Conceição Rocha (LIADD –  INESC TEC)

M. Filomena Teodoro (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa and CEMAT-IST)

Marlene Gois (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa)

Miguel Moreira (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa)

Rui Parreira (CINAV and Arsenal do Alfeite)

Suzana Lampreia (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa)

Valter Vairinhos (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa)

Victor Lobo  (Escola Naval, CINAV, Marinha Portuguesa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

President of the Scientific Committee: Carlos Ferreira (Universidade do Porto)



The three days of work provided excellent opportunities for dialogue between the 89 participants, in a pleasant, almost familiar atmosphere. In total, there were 43 oral communications (plenary, thematic and free), 14 communications on poster and a mini-course. All sessions showed the great variety and dynamism of current research in Data Science.



Minicourse: “Environmental Statistics” by Wolfgang Schmid of European University Viadrina.


Opening session: with Admiral Simões Marques (EN Commander), Prof. Victor Lobo (Sub-Director of the Naval Research Center – CINAV), José G. Dias (President of the Association for Classification and Data Analysis – CLAD), Carlos Ferreira (President of the Scientific Committee of JOCLAD 2018) and Filomena Teodoro (Secretary of Journeys), who welcomed and wished fruitful working sessions.


Plenary session: “Deep Gaussian Mixture Models”, by Cinzia Viroli from the University of Bologna, Italy.

Parallel sessions of oral communications, dedicated to the themes “Analysis of Symbolic Data” and “Longitudinal Models and Forecasting”.

1 Poster Session



Plenary session: “Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Nonlinear Processes”, authored by Wolfgang Schmid from the European University Viadrina, Germany.


2 Parallel sessions of oral communications, dedicated to the themes “Applications in Health”, “Classification”, “Models with Latent Variables” and “Multivariate Analysis”.

2 Thematic sessions: from INE, on “Challenges in Official Statistics VII” and from Banco de Portugal, with the theme “Bank of Portugal Statistics”.


CLAD 2018 Scholarship Session, with the attribution of 1 prize and the presentation of the respective work.


At the end of the day, the CLAD General Assembly was also held.



Parallel sessions of oral communications, dedicated to the themes “Models with Latent Variables” and “Applications in Health Sciences”.

Thematic sessions of the Portuguese Association of Demography, dedicated to the theme “Demography” and of the Portuguese Society of Statistics, with the theme “Statistics/Methodology/Bayesian Applications”

Plenary session: “A Case Against a Few Traditional Quality Control Charts” authored by Professor Manuel Cabral Morais, from Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (Portugal).


At the end of the first day, a guided tour of the EN facilities, consisting of a visit to the Naval School’s Museum and Signal Park, culminating in the port of honor.

On the second day we had the privilege of participating in a guided tour of the facilities of the NRP Corte Real, to the simulator of the Naval School. At the end, the usual dinner of the Journeys on the Frigate D. Fernando e Glória, with the presence of the commander of the Naval School, Admiral Simões Marques, where, after dessert, we were toasted by a musical moment featuring the fantastic voice of Colleague Victor Wolf.


TESTIMONY PASSAGE: At the end of the third day, the closing session took place, full of emotions, where we learned that for the year we were heading north, where Prof. Ana Cristina Matos and Prof. Carla Henriques from Instituto Politécnico de Viseu and her team will welcome us with open arms for another Day that, once again, will be memorable. Until then!…


Local Organizing Committee of JOCLAD 2017

Escola Naval


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