In order to honor Professor Fernando Nicolau, founding member and co-responsible for the creation of the Portuguese Association for Classification and Data Analysis (CLAD), recognizing his visionary initiative and unusual dedication, the FERNANDO NICOLAU AWARD is established in accordance with the decision of the Board of CLAD and subsequent communication of this initiative at the General Assembly of CLAD on March 10, 2021.
The FERNANDO NICOLAU AWARD will be held every two years, and aims to disseminate and reward works in Data Science and Classification and Analysis published internationally by CLAD members, stimulating publication in CLAD’s scientific areas.

The jury of the FERNANDO NICOLAU 2021 AWARD was composed by Helena Bacelar-Nicolau (University of Lisbon, Honorary President), Gilbert Saporta (Professor Emeritus, CNAM, Paris), Paulo Gomes (Information Management School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and Mário Figueiredo (Institute of Telecommunications, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon).

Among the papers submitted for the 2021 edition, two were identified as meeting the conditions of the respective Edital. The FERNANDO NICOLAU 2021 AWARD was given to Rosário Oliveira, for the work:

Theoretical foundations of forward feature selection methods based on mutual information, Macedo, F., Oliveira, M. R., Pacheco, A., & Valadas, R., Neurocomputing, 325, 67-89, (2019).