This year, CLAD’s Conference on Classification and Data Analysis will take place in a reduced format, taking into account the 17th IFCS Conference, IFCS 2022 – Classification and Data Science in the Digital Age.


Participation is free, subject to prior registration at


PROGRAM – Room 118

14:00-14:15 Opening



Invited Lecture:

Bootstrap evaluation of unsupervised statistical learning and applications

Berthold Lausen (Univ. Essex, UK)




Session to Honour New CLAD Emeritus Members




Coffee break







Banco de Portugal Session

Complex Made Simple: Visualizing the Business Groups’ Database Using Tom Sawyer
Diogo Silva, Tiago Pinho Pereira

Live Data – a Game Changer for Official Statistics
Elena Bucea, Carlos Figueira

Give Us Data… and We Give You Back a Wordless Story
Carolina Rocha, Mariana Oliveira







INE Session

Classification of CPP  –  Application of a Multilayer Neural Network
Almiro Moreira, Ana Carmona, M. Conceição Ferreira, David Santos, Rui Alves

Estimates on Completed Buildings for the Indicators System of Urban Operations – Exploring with ML Methodologies
André Sousa António Portugal, Inês Sá, Pedro Cunha, Sara Cerdeira