The electoral process for the election of CLAD’s social entities for the 2023-2026 period is about to begin.

The electoral timetable will be as follows:
– Opening of the electoral process – 13 September 2023
– Deadline for submitting candidate lists (to – 19 October 2023
– Disclosure of lists and voting instructions – 29 October 2023
– Electronic voting period – 13 November at 12:00 to 20 November at 12:00
– General Electoral Assembly – 20 November at 17:30

Note: the times referred to are in mainland Portugal (in the Electoral Regulations, Article 1(2))


Relevant information:

– each list is made up of all 3 Social Entities (Board of the General Assembly, Executive Board and Supervisory Board) – (in Statutes, art. 9; Electoral Regulations, art. 2(1));

– Candidates for the Social Entities must be up to date with their membership fees and contact details – (in Electoral Regulations, article 7.6);

– the number of candidates for each Social Entitie is: (General Assembly-3, Board-5, Supervisory Board-3) – (in Statutes, articles 10, 17 and 21 respectively);

– at CLAD’s last General Assembly, held on 21 April 2023, the new electoral regulations were approved, based on the new version of the Statutes that contemplate the electoral procedure exclusively by electronic means (in Electoral Regulations, article 2.2). These two documents are available for consultation on CLAD’s website.

The Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly

Carlos Marcelo