Exhibition Explorística 2.0

EXPLORISTICA 2.0 is an INE initiative, developed with the aim of promoting statistical literacy and numeracy among students in the 3rd cycle of basic education, secondary education and students in the first ver mais


JOIN IPVC DATA HACKATHON 19 APRIL | ESTG - IPVC DURATION OF THE COMPETITION | 10h - 17h AWARDS FOR THE WINNING TEAM WHAT IS A HACKATHON? A HACKATHON is a competitive event where participants, organized into teams ver mais


CLAD proposes to be the Portuguese scientific association of reference in the field of data science, bringing together the intersection between data analysis, statistics, operational research, mathematics and computer science, in the theoretical and applied aspects.

European Day of Statistics

October 20th 2022

The European Statistics Day is celebrated by the European statistical community on 20 October

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Portuguese-English Glossary of Statistics

Glossary created within the Portuguese Statistical Society with the objective of serving as a normative guide in the oral and written expression of statistical vocabulary in Portuguese.

World of Statistics

A global network of more 2,300 organizations worldwide committed to promoting the contribution of statistics to our global society.


CLAD Secretariat

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Departamento de Engenharia Civil
Secção de Matemática
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto

Email: mail@clad.pt
Tel:22 041 37 69

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