Pedro Ribeiro – DCC/FCUP, University of Porto

The course is organized by CLAD (Portuguese Association for Classification and Data Analysis) and proposes an introduction to the Analysis and Visualization of Complex Networks. In recent years, Network Science has emerged as a powerful and very important academic area that studies complex networks of various origins, such as telecommunications networks, biological networks, social networks, semantic networks or computer networks. It has a multidisciplinary vision that aggregates theory and methods from areas such as graph theory, statistics, computer science, sociology or data visualization. An introduction to Network Science will be given, together with a historical perspective, and the fundamental concepts and most used methods will be addressed, complemented with examples and practical activities of analysis and visualisation.

All potential users of data (teachers, researchers, students and professionals from other areas) who wish to represent, analyse and visualise networks for a better characterisation and understanding of the underlying phenomena.

Duration and Schedule
The course will have a duration of 6 hours, from 09:45 to 17:45. The detailed programme is attached: CLAD_Course_Networks.

The course will operate remotely, through the Zoom platform (the link will be sent later) with a minimum and maximum number of participants of 10 and 50, respectively.

Investment and Registration Deadline
The course is free for CLAD members with the 2022 membership fee paid; the investment for non-CLAD members is 60€. CLAD will issue a certificate of participation. The deadline for registration is 10 November 2022.

Registration and Contac
If you are interested in attending this course, you should fill in the registration form here. For any other clarifications, please write to


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