CLAD aims to be the Portuguese scientific association of reference in the field of Data Science.

  • Prémio Fernando Nicolau

Fernando Nicolau Award

In order to honor Professor Fernando Nicolau, founding member and co-responsible for the creation of the Portuguese Association for Classification and Data Analysis (CLAD), recognizing his visionary initiative and unusual dedication, the FERNANDO NICOLAU AWARD ver mais

  • Atribuição Subsídio CLAD

Attribution of CLAD Grant to Scientific Events

CLAD's mission is to support the organization of national or international scientific events promoted by its members in its area of ​​expertise. At the beginning of each year, CLAD will publicize this initiative among the ver mais

  • Bolsas CLAD

CLAD Scholarships

With the aim of publicizing and publicizing the participation in the Data Classification and Analysis Days (JOCLAD), organized annually by the Portuguese Association for Classification and Analysis (CLAD with new audiences, they are established as ver mais